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Q&A with Work-Shop Makery

We recently did a Q&A with the gang at Work-Shop on the role of the digital arts in the handmade marketplace. We have republished the post here with kind permission from Work-Shop, or you can check out the original post here. ******************************** When we think of handmade, pottery, textiles and the visual arts may foremost come to mind. But what do we make of the digital arts? Today we chat to Sydney based design team Needs & Wishes Art, who give us an insight into their business and discuss some of the challenges of being accepted within the handmade market place… Tell us about who you are and what you do? Needs & Wishes Art is David and Claudia Slimings. David...

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Go Your Own Way

Welcome to the first Needs & Wishes Art blog post. Here we will share with you our adventures and anecdotes from daily life in the Needs & Wishes Art camp as well as news and announcements as it happens.  In October we somehow forgot to notice that we had turned 1 year old. It has been an incredible year and we have learnt so much. What started off as a small selection of art prints and cards soon expanded as we found ourselves rolling up our sleeves and printing onto mugs and coasters! We have had to learn quickly the nuances of the retail world and the additional challenges that come with online retail.  We would both agree that the...

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