Go Your Own Way

Welcome to the first Needs & Wishes Art blog post. Here we will share with you our adventures and anecdotes from daily life in the Needs & Wishes Art camp as well as news and announcements as it happens. 

In October we somehow forgot to notice that we had turned 1 year old. It has been an incredible year and we have learnt so much. What started off as a small selection of art prints and cards soon expanded as we found ourselves rolling up our sleeves and printing onto mugs and coasters! We have had to learn quickly the nuances of the retail world and the additional challenges that come with online retail. 

We would both agree that the most special part of the past year has been meeting all the people that have come into our lives whether it be other small businesses and makers all dedicated to making a life out of their passion and escaping the 9 to 5, the curators and organisers of markets and festivals, and it goes without saying, the customers who have embraced our brand and made us feel so proud to be Needs & Wishes Art (you know who you are….) 

We still have so many ideas and directions to explore that next year is going to be even more exciting. 

We will leave you with a story from last week that put a smile on our little faces. Our final customer of the day at a recent festival purchased two rock band mugs and told us that they were a present for his nephew and girlfriend who are currently on X Factor. We have to admit here that X Factor is a guilty pleasure of ours! We knew exactly who he was referring to and got just a little excited! Anyway, two days later we were emailed this picture……Cheers "Jess & Matt" and good luck!

We wish everyone all the best as the festive season kicks in and the long, hot Australian summer cranks up. 

Until next time, lots of love 

Claudia & David